Are your next FDs ready?

Imagine The Apprentice meets Dragon’s Den and you’ll get an idea of the stretch we’ll give your people.

Forget classroom learning and theories. We hold the mirror up in as real-to-life situations as possible in a CFO development environment in our new 6 month NEXTFD® finance leadership training programme

How it works

We run our flagship NEXTFD® public finance leadership training programmes annually, starting in September for 6 months, learning with others from a range of companies. For larger teams we’ll take our proven NEXTFD® programme and tailor every part to meet your exact needs.

Get to know you

Unlike MBTI or Belbin we don’t put you in a box.

INSIGHTS® is about your communication preferences – fiery red, cool blue, sunshine yellow, or earth green.

We’ll show you how to activate them all, and how to use them together for influence you never imagined possible.

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Conquer the challenges

Just like the TV-show it’s time for some serious but fun experiences. Across 7 challenges you’ll learn the most important skills you’ll need to be a commercial FD.

None of the lessons will be financial. This is a fast-track masters in sales, marketing, and much more.

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Pitch the idea

Time for a real business idea and a real business plan.

You’ll need funding, and the Dragon’s are waiting.

In our CFO training course you’ll be pitching your business idea to a panel of real business investors, and they won’t pull their punches.

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Roll with the punches

You’ve got your business plan and you’ve got your funding. Now the rubber hits the road.

Everyone has a plan until they’re punched in the face, and in this simulation you’re going to have to recover fast!

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When you’re the FD the buck stops with you

There’s no safety once you’ve got the big job. The buck stops with you, and not just financially.

None of the training and experience we’ve had throughout our finance career can prepare us for that.

If you’re a FD or CFO yourself, you’ll know this. And if you’re not, take it from us – we’ve all been there. Leaders at the highest level in large businesses, both in and out of finance.

Our public and in-house NEXTFD® programmes will get you ready.

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Are you ready to step into the Dragon’s Den?

No-one holds back their punches when you’re the FD, and why should they?

You’ve got to be able to land your message quickly and clearly, with zero ambiguity. And you’ve got to be able to talk about the numbers without using the P&L account.

Every day is a bit like pitching to the dragons. And we’ll show you how to smash it every time!

Why NextFD?

Imagine The Apprentice meets Dragon’s Den and you’ll get an idea of the stretch we’ll give your people.

The corporate language is deep experiential development. We like to call it chucking them in at the deep end, just with us there as life guards. Why choose our finance leadership training?

7 hours of video content

Giving you the core skills and tools you’ll need for the rest of the programme

Total Experiential learning

Forget classroom learning and theories. We hold the mirror up in as real-to-life situations as possible

Transformative process

With our NEXTFD® programme your people will get to know themselves like never before

We're a global company

Global partners running programmes worldwide, all online

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We are ready, are you?

Get in touch today for an informal chat about your requirements, we're always pleased to talk. 

About us

Finance Leadership Training

We’ve all been senior finance leaders, but our unique approach to finance business partner training comes from our direct experience working outside of finance and being partnered by finance. When you work with us you get us, no-one else.

Andy Shambrook FCA

Andy Shambrook FCA


I used to be a finance director, then I became a sales director. I’ll show you everything I learned in sales that I wish I’d known when I worked in finance. I founded this business, and also a VC-backed payments business with my best friend where I still lead the marketing and sales effort.

Andrew Jepson CA

Andrew Jepson CA


I’ve been a senior finance leader but it was when I became a general manager that I really got what finance business partnering is all about. Based in Sydney, I designed and run Australia’s most popular public finance business partner training course, plus I wrote the book ‘Compliance to Commercial’.




I have spent 25 years in the corporate world working in very different business cultures in oil & gas, retail and Vodafone, O2 Telefonica, Virgin, BlackBerry and Sony. This included experience in the UK, Germany, Nordics, Canada, Tokyo and many countries in Africa and the Middle East. Most of my time has been in commercial finance, but latterly also with HR and legal responsibilities and finally realising an ambition to make the switch to sales and marketing.




I’ve been a CFO at 3 different business in Australia so know what it takes to get there, stay there and perform. My focus has always been on developing strong teams and inspiring them to do what they did not believe they could. I also specialise in helping women navigate what can still be a male dominated World, but do so as women – helping them to bring heart-centered leadership to the board room.

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