CFOs know how to get promoted. Do you?

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CFOs know how to get promoted. Do you❓ 

Every job I had on my way to FD I did these 3 things:


I would push down between 50% and 95% that was handed over to me to my team.

The bigger my teams got, the higher the % got.

This freed up my time to do new things to help sales, marketing and operations. 

And my teams loved it because they got way more exposure and more interesting work to do.


I would personally lead process improvement to save time for the whole team.

Specifically I was all about elimination of wasted effort in the processes.

Very important when it comes to automation.

No point automating process steps that aren’t really needed. 


Early in my career my boss said to me you need to have a successor otherwise it’s really hard for me to move you.

Much easier if someone from the team can step straight into your shoes. 

I did 7 roles in 8 years, ending up as UK finance director for Dulux Paints.

And when I got to the FD role I did the same 3 step process again.

Then I moved to sales director, and did the same again. 

Then moved commercial director

Yep, same again.

So if you want to get that next promotion: delegate, eliminate, and develop your successor.

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