Does becoming a CFO or FD come down to your answer to this single question?

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➡️ Would you rather be directionally right or precisely wrong❓

As accountants we are trained to be precise.

To find the single right answer.

➡️ CFOs become CFOs because we realise way before we become CFOs that there are rarely ever precise, perfect, or right answers.

Not ones that matter anyway.

Because the answers that really matter are the future ones.

So instead of:

❌ wasting time perfecting the imperfect.

❌ checking the accuracy of the inaccurate.

❌ or reconciling the unreconcilable.

We ask ourselves 3️⃣ important questions:

✅ Is this directionally right?

✅ Is it good enough to make the right decision?

✅ Is it good enough to avoid the wrong decision?

And remember, we didn’t wait to become a CFO to ask ourselves those questions.

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