What’s the difference between a finance business partner and a CFO?

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What’s the difference between a finance analyst, finance manager, finance business partner, and a CFO❓

Well it’s a trick question.

They are all FBP roles for me, on the basis that FBP means:

1️⃣ building relationships

2️⃣ turning data into insights

3️⃣ bringing numbers to life

✅ do those things and you’ll influence decisions

So what is the difference❓

For me it’s mainly the time-frame each role is focussed on:

1️⃣ ANALYST 0-6 month window, keeping things moving now

2️⃣ MANAGER/HEAD 3-12 month window, making sure we’re going in the right direction

3️⃣ FD/CFO 12-48 month window – making sure the future is taken care of

And what of the FBP role❓

Well, it doesn’t really exist as a role.

It’s a mindset and an approach.

✅ Which you can have whether you’re an analyst, manager, head of, FD, or CFO.

❌ And equally you can NOT have it with all those job titles too.

Just because your job title is FBP doesn’t make you one, and just because it’s NOT FBP doesn’t not make you one.

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